Netflix is now an International platform. Anybody around the world can watch Netflix. However, there are a few issues with it. If you apply for an International Netflix account, you won’t be able to stream US content, which is their greatest asset. However, if you buy proxies, you will be able to achieve this thing and watch Netflix’s US content, even outside the United States. A simple private proxies can do that for you. Therefore, read this artcile to find out the reasons for which you should buy private proxies for Netflix and not other tools.

Why you need proxies for Netflix

Netflix restricts its content based on the geographical location of their users’ IP. In other words, if the Netflix’s server identifies an user as being located in Germany or Italy, the server will restrict the user’s acces to that particular country’s subdomain. So the user will be able to watch only Netflix content for Germany or Italy.

However, if the same visitor uses a private proxies with an United States IP, he will be able to access US Netflix’s content. Because the streaming website’s servers will recognize the user as being located in the geographical area of that IP.

How people watch now Netflix outside the United States

At the moment, the only way users can watch United States content outside the US is by using a virtual private network. Through it, they encrypt their traffic and divert it through a VPN server located inside the Unites States.

So the Netflix servers will recognize their location as being inside the US and deliver its country specific content.

However, even if VPNs are the default way of using Netflix, they are not the perfect way. There are several issues with using a VPN for a streaming website. Issues that could be neglected if one will consider using a private proxies to stream Netflix over it.

Buy proxies for Netflix

If you buy proxies for Netflix, you will get several advantages over using a virtual private proxies. Moreover, the simplicity and speed of private proxy servers make them the better option for using them to stream Netflix content from the United States. Therefore, below you will find three of these benefits. And you should actively start considering them if you need to use a tool to access United States content from another country.

As simple as it gets

Private proxies are easy to use and they are more simple then VPNs or any other online tool used to stream online content from restricted areas.

A virtual private network, with its layer of encryption, is more diffucult to use for streaming online content, then by using private proxies. Whereas a private proxy is easier to use. A private proxy is simply an IP and the authentication details required to access it and being granted permission to use it. And you only need to insert this details into your browser and you are ready to go. Whereas a VPN comes with a VPN client that needs to be installed on your PC. Thus, making it system dependent. Moreover, once you connect to the VPN server, all trafffic is diverted and channeled through the VPN server. However, a private proxy will only divert the traffic of the browser you had set the private proxy auth details.

Buy proxies for fast streaming speeds

As mentioned above, a virtual private network will encrypt all the traffic that your system sends away. And by adding this extra layer of encryption, your connection to the wider Internet is slower.

Not the same can be said about private proxies. Because a private proxy does not encrypt your traffic. And by not adding this extra layer of encryption, you Internet connection will keep the same speed. So you won’t have to worry about streaming speeds and other related issues.

Private proxies are the cheapest option

Finally, the other advantage of using private proxies over virtual private networks is that proxies are cheaper to buy than VPN. Moreover, there are some proxies that cost a fraction of a VPN client. And it will achieve the same outcome as the VPN. You will be able to connect to Netflix through a server located in the United States at a lower price if you buy proxies instead of a VPN.

Regarding the encryption layer added by the VPN to your traffic, this is not worth the extra cost, because streaming Netflix doesn’t require this extra layer of encryption and privacy. So buy proxies and start streaming Netflix within minutes. 

 Saturday, December 2, 2017

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