Everyone wants a bargain every now and then. However, buying the cheapest service is not always the most cost-effective way of developing a project or running a business. This is why you should never consider cheap private proxies as the only way to develop a project. Moreover, going for the cheapest proxies available on the market could lead into other, more serious problems. This is why we have created this list of five reasons for which you should never consider buying cheap private proxies for your project. So let’s begin.

1. Cheap private proxies have flagged IP

One of the reasons for which some proxy providers can see cheap private proxies is because they re-use their IPs. And thus, upon buying their cheap proxies, you will get flagged IPs.

The issue with flagged IPs is that they limit the domains or platforms where you would be able to connect with your proxies. Moreover, on certain websites or web platforms, a flagged IP is restricted completely. Thus, you would not be able to connect.

On other web platforms, cheap proxies might have flagged IPs and trigger captcha verification. Thus, making it imposible to automate certain tasks through these proxies. So buying cheap private proxies presents the risk of being allocated flagged IPs.

2. Shared cheap private proxies instead of dedicated proxies

Another reason for which you should not consider using cheap private proxies is that some providers will allocate the same proxy to several users. This is not an issue per se, as there are shared proxies. However, this becomes a problem when the proxy provider advertise cheap shared proxies as dedicated ones.

This is false advertising and because a proxy user can’t control the number of connections passing through the proxy’s IP he bought, he could be miss-lead into buying cheap shared proxies instead of dedicated private ones.

3. Poor connectivity

When somethings is too good to be true, then there is something fishy going on. The same rule applies when buying private proxies. If a proxy provider is advertising ultra low price proxies and says that they are private ones. And you think you’ll get the best deal on the market, then you should consider twice the offer.

The issue is that some proxy providers are able to sell cheap private proxies because their proxy servers’ locations are in old datacenters with old infrastructure. And this can lead to poor connectivity because due to lagging servers and bloated connections.

4. Terrible up time

This issue is similar to the above one. Because a proxy server with poor infrastructure will offer both terrible poor connectivity and a terrible up time. Thus, it will make it almost impossible for your project to develop and take its natural course.

What is the point of buying a cheap private proxy if it’s down all the time? Therefore, you should always check a proxy’s connectivity and uptime before connecting it and implementing it in your project.

5. Cheap private proxies inability to connect

Regardless of its uptime and connectivity, a cheap private proxy can always have the inability to connect and thus, render the server’s IP use impossible. Moreover, by buying cheap private proxies and not dedicated proxies for the desired server, you risk getting blocked by the online platform on which you try to connect.

For example, if you buy cheap proxies and try to connect them to Instagram, the social media platform might not allow your connect for various reasons. So, as you can see, buying the cheapest proxies is not always the best solution for you and your project. However, there are a few things you should consider before buying cheap private proxies for your business.

The alternative to cheap private proxies

Buying cheap private proxies is not always the best solution. Before actually buying any proxy package, check if this package is composed of dedicated proxies. So, for Instagram, do not buy cheap proxies, instead you should look for Instagram proxies or social media proxies. In this way, you know with certatinty that these proxies will be able to connect your accounts to the social media platform. Morevoer, we recommend you always contact the provider before buying a proxy package. In this way, you have the assurance that the provider knows your specifications and actually can deliver the best working proxies for your business. And if you still need extra confirmation that the proxy you bought are the right ones for your project, buy a sample. Simply put, just buy a proxy package with a few IPs and check their connectivity, speed and up time. And if they are working great, you can buy more proxies later on.

 Friday, December 1, 2017

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