If you have a blog section on your website, then you should use SEO proxies to develop a backlink profile for it. In this way, it will rank better and increase the link juice towards your main website. And if you do not have a blog section yet, then you should start developing one and buy SEO proxies to create backlinks for it.

In this article, we are going to show how to effectively use SEO proxies to create backlinks for your blog sections. The goal of creating these backlinks is to improve the ranking of your blog section and subsequently to your whole domain.

Buy SEO proxies to build backlinks

The main reason for which you should buy SEO proxies is the ability to post comments and forum posts in niche relevant blogs and forums. The main reason for posting these comments is to create a backlink profile for your business. And thus improve the ranking of the domain for which you are building the links.

However, posting links everywhere through SEO proxies is not an effective approach. Moreover, at times, such a strategy without clear focus can lead to a decrease in your website’s ranking score because many links, if posted on irrelevant domains, will be considered spam by search engines. This is why you should tweak this method and create a strategy through which to improve the backlink profile of your business. The next five ways of using SEO proxies could be the jump-start of such a strategy.

1. Use SEO proxies to reach a specific platform

One way of using SEO proxies is to reach customers and create backlinks on a specific platform. In this way, a certain number of links will be created on this platform.

Moreover, this is usually performed on a platform that is niche relevant, so it will improve the backlink profile and rankings of your website greatly. For example, one can use SEO proxies to post questions or answers on Quora. And these answers, with links in them, will improve the ranking of your website. Even if the links posted on Quora have the „no-follow” tag attach to them, they are still relevant by search engines standards.

2. Create and distribute content with a ratio

Using SEO proxies does not mean that you should post backlinks on each comment or forum post. This spam looking strategy could lead to bans and even domain blocks for your entire website.

The recommended tweak here is to decrease the number of backlinks you post through your SEO proxies. In other words, you should create a ratio and publish one post with backlinks to a set number of posts. For example, on Quora, you could post an answer with links to any other 4 random answers. Thus, in 100 answers, you will have 20 backlinks pointing towards your website.

3. Buy SEO proxies to scrape new content

Another great use of your SEO proxies is to use them as a scraping tool to scrape search engines for new domains on which you can create backlinks.

In other words, you will use your SEO proxies to generate a list of potential new domains on which you will create post comments or forum posts as mentioned above.

4. Review your website for more backlinks

This is a resource that not many webmasters use it. It simply means accessing review websites to post new backlinks by reviewing your business or service. For example, you can create a campaign in which to review your website. And use each SEO proxy to create an account on which the review is posted. In this way, you make sure that there is no correlation drawn between the reviewing accounts. And the website on which they are posted will not ban them at a later date.

5. Questions and answers through SEO proxies

Another way of using SEO proxies is to basically create the demand for backlinks yourself. In other words, you will use SEO proxies to first create forum threads or post questions on Quora asking for recommendations from within the niche of your website or business.

Following this, you will use the other SEO proxies to create the forum posts and answers as mentioned above. In which you will then include the links pointing to your website. The difference between the Question and Answer method and the one of creating content is that you can use this method seldom. So you can create the demand for recommendations and backlinks only when there are no other users doing it.

 Thursday, November 30, 2017

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