Facebook, the largest social media platform, is one of the best traffic sources a website can have. Even if they are not using private proxies or Facebook proxies, many entrepreneurs and webmasters drive a lot of their traffic from Facebook. Therefore, we decided to create this article and build the case of using Facebook proxies to drive even more traffic to a website. You will learn what are Facebook proxies and how they are different than other private proxies, how is Facebook used now to drive traffic and how to actually use private proxies for Facebook to increase your traffic from the largest social media platform.

What are Facebook proxies

Facebook proxies are private proxies allocated on purpose to be used to connect accounts to Facebook. For the protection and security of these accounts, Facebook proxies are virgin private proxies. This means they have never been used on Facebook before. Thus, their IP’s history is clean. And in this regards, the biggest social media platform will not consider suspicious any account connecting from Facebook proxies. Moreover, other times Facebook proxies are also called social media proxies, because they are used to connect to the social media platform.

How is Facebook used without private proxies

Not everybody doing business and marketing on Facebook uses private proxies. Most businesses and websites have created business pages on Facebook. And these pages are used to promote content and offers. Usually through paid advertising.

One advantage of creating such a page is its scalability. However, there is a disadvantage to using such a page. This is the organic reach, which Facebook and their ad policy managed to diminish considerably. Forcing business to use paid ads to reach new customers.

However, there is an alternative that is cheaper than paid ads on Facebook. You can use this alternative for a small, starting website or for a large corporation. This involves using Facebook proxies along-side your business page. Moreover, using private proxies for marketing on Facebook is an easy task and you can easily use them, even if you do not have any technical knowledge.

How to use Facebook proxies

Facebook proxies are used in a simple manner. In general, you use proxies to manage multiple accounts. You will create several accounts and use proxies to connect them to Facebook.

First, you must buy Facebook proxies in order to connect manually, through a browser, to Facebook. Each account you plan on created must use a different Facebook proxy. Moreover, it is recommended that you use a private proxy for Facebook for each individual account. In this way, each account will be protected from the behavior and potential bans or reports of other accounts.

Once you have created the accounts, it is time to start developing a followers base by sending friend requests to targeted demographic groups. This groups will be composed of users that comply with your ideal customer persona.

After your accounts reached a certain maturity and a large friends base, it is time to start promoting and marketing your business or website. You can promote your business and website in two major ways. First, you can promote your to account’s friend base through posts or even direct messages through Messenger.

And the second way of promoting is through Facebook groups. Your accounts will search for niche relevant groups and post there either content from your business or offers and promotions. Each individual post, coming from your accounts will generate an amount of traffic. Traffic that you otherwise couldn’t generate if you only used private proxies.

Tools necessary for generating traffic

There are two ways in which you can use Facebook proxies for generating traffic for your business or website. You can either use your private proxies manually, by connecting to each account manually, through Mozilla Firefox and then performing each action manually. This is the low-cost version but it is time-consuming.

On the other hand, you can use a social media automation tool such as FollowLiker. This tool comes with a price, but it will help you automate your accounts and manage them from the same Dashboard. Thus, you will save a lot of time and effort in building your marketing campaigns through Facebook proxies and FollowLiker.

Why you must buy private proxies for Facebook

Some will argue that using any private proxy will do the job. While this is partially true, it comes with a risk. If you use regular private proxies, other than Facebook proxies, you risk getting your accounts banned by the social media platform. Thus, in other words, Facebook proxies come also with the guarantee of connecting your accounts safely to the largest social media platform.


 Saturday, November 25, 2017

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