Marketing online is becoming a more difficult task to do. With many platforms and avenues to reach potential customers and promote your business, brand and online message, marketing is a time consuming and stressful task. This is why many online entrepreneurs and marketing specialists started shifting their attention towards marketing automation. This is a hot topic right now and if you plan on scaling your marketing, you can do so through marketing automation and private proxies. Read this guide to learn more about private proxies and how to use them to achieve full marketing automation.

Private proxies for marketing

Before we start, it is important to remember that there are no private proxies for marketing. Everywhere you will look online you will not find private proxies for marketing. No proxy provider offers such a product. The reason for which they do not offer such a product is that private proxies are not used for marketing, but they are used for tasks and projects that are part of a marketing strategy. In other words, you will find private proxies that help you connect to certain online platforms. And if you plan on using these platforms for marketing, then you can call them, to a certain extent proxies for marketing. And there are a few online platforms where you can use private proxies. Moreover, on this platforms, through your private proxies, you can easily develop a marketing strategy for your business.

SEO proxies for research and backlink building

You can use private proxies for SEO and automate your SEO projects to increase the number of backlinks and improve the rankings of your website.

You can use private proxies for SEO by either implementing them into an SEO tool such as Scrapebox or you could use your SEO proxies manually, through a browser. But once you have created your strategy and processes manually, you can start automating your SEO strategy.

Social media proxies for marketing

The next area where you can use private proxies to automate your marketing tasks is social media. And in comparison with SEO, for social media, you can automate every aspect of your marketing strategy. The only manual actions you must do are creating your accounts and setting them into automation tools. Once this is done, you must use your private proxies to connect your accounts to the desired social media platform.

Moreover, because social platforms are restrictive, you can use social media proxies to connect your accounts. These proxies are allocated for social media platforms on purpose. Meaning they will safely connect your accounts and avoid any flagged IP or potential bans. For example, if you plan on using Facebook for marketing, you must use Facebook proxies. These proxies will safely connect your accounts to Facebook and will not trigger any account verifications.

Regarding the tool used for social media, you can either opt to build one and develop it yourself, or you can use FollowLiker, a commercially available social media automation tool. Moreover, FollowLiker also allows the use of private proxies. So you will be able to develop and manage several social media accounts from the same online platform.

Classified ads proxies for local marketing

Another marketing project which you can automate is classified ads marketing. You can use classified ads proxies and automated ads poster tools to automate your classified ads marketing and improve your local marketing.

For classified ads, it is highly recommended you use classified ads proxies because these proxies allow you to choose the location of your proxies. A desirable feature when planning on developing a local marketing campaign. For example, if you plan on developing an automated classified ads campaign in the Chicago area, you need to access classified ads websites from within Chicago area. Thus, you can’t use Los Angeles proxies.

And a classified ads proxy package allows you to specify and choose Chicago as your only geographical area from where your private proxies’ IPs will be allocated.

Amazon proxies for automating reviews

Every business that has any dealings online needs some reviews. For this task, you can use automated tools and use Amazon proxies to access either online review websites or ecommerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. However, you can use both private proxies and Amazon proxies to automate any other marketing task or mini-project that your marketing strategy needs.

 Friday, November 24, 2017

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