Running and managing a website or online business is not an easy task. And one of the main objectives is generating traffic. Mark Cuban says that „sales cures all business problems”. On the same note, we can say that „traffic cures all marketing notes”. Even with a minimal conversion rate, if the traffic is great, a website can generate a lot of income and profits. This is why we consider traffic sources an important factor for any business. And we have created this article with the goal of showing you how to use free traffic sources and scale them through private proxies. This kind of so-called free marketing can increase the traffic to your website. And the only resources you need to purchase are private proxies for various online platforms.

What are free marketing and advertising

Before we start talking about private proxies, we must consider what is free marketing and advertising. In simple terms, free marketing involves using free online resources and websites to increase the traffic towards your website. When we say free resources, we are referring to free online platforms where you can post links or generate referral traffic towards your website.

In other words, whenever you can find a free online website and post either backlinks or referrals towards your website, you got yourself a free marketing platforms. But the true power and efficiency of free marketing don't lie in finding online platforms because they are a finite number. The true power lies in using private proxies and scaling this process.

Buy private proxies for scaling free marketing

By using private proxies, you can scale the number of either backlinks or referrals towards your website. Private proxies will help you achieve what no other tool will. It will help you make multiple posts at the same time without getting flagged as spam. More details will follow.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t buy just simple private proxies. And the purchase process is not straight-forward. But you must consider first where you are going to use private proxies and look for special use proxies. As these will help you avoid any potential blocks or using flagged IPs.

Where can you do free marketing

There are several places online where you can do free marketing for your business, scale it and increase the traffic to your website.

Social media and social media proxies

The first port of call is social media. Apart from LinkedIn, every other major social media platform is free to use and registering for it requires only an email address.

Once on social media, you can create a followers base and promote your business and website to your followers. Moreover, you can scale social media marketing, increase your followers base and generate more traffic, by using social media proxies. With them [social media proxies] you can create a larger number of accounts and develop a followers base for each account. And once the followers base have been developed, you can promote your business.

Quick math for the skeptics. A Twitter account can have 1000 followers within weeks. But if you use Twitter proxies, you can create 10 or 20 accounts with 1000 followers each. So you can see that promoting through social media proxies, with more accounts, can generate more traffic to your website.

Craigslist and classified ads proxies

Another free marketing strategy you can develop involves using classified ads websites and private proxies for them. This strategy consists of posting multiple classified ads, each through a different private proxy [classified ads proxies] to avoid any potential ban.

SEO proxies for backlinks building

One traffic source that should never be neglected by any website or online business is search traffic. Basically, it involves creating backlinks to improve Google’s search ranking, in order to reach top positions for certain keywords.

SEO proxies are very useful for building backlinks because this is a numbers game. And the more backlinks you can create, Google will consider the website for better positions in SERP. You can use private proxies for SEO to create backlinks, by posting through different accounts and IP, on forums and blog comments.

Benefits of private proxies use for free marketing

One can argue that there is no need of using private proxies for free marketing strategies. Indeed, there is no such need if you do not want to generate more traffic. You can use this strategy without proxies, but its returns will be minimal. However, for palpable results and generating more traffic, you must buy private proxies.

 Thursday, November 23, 2017

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