Social media is in every aspect of our lives. We take it with us anywhere. It is the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we do before going to bed. And why not profit from it? Why not use social media marketing and social media proxies to promote and sell items to other users. It is very easy to start selling on social media and using proxies for social media, such as Instagram proxies to sell and promote your business around the world. Or only in a particular area. Therefore, we created this article to show you how to start selling online and using Instagram proxies to promote your business.

What are Instagram proxies?

Instagram proxies are virgin private proxies used to connect accounts on the social media platform. They are called Instagram proxies because they are guaranteed to work and connect your accounts safely to the social media platform.

Why you need Instagram proxies?

If you plan on developing only one social media account, then you do not need private proxies for Instagram. However, if you plan on automating and managing several Insta accounts, then you must use virgin Instagram proxies to isolate each account’s behavior and protect it from the other accounts behavior.

Also, because your accounts will stay connected for longer on Instagram, it is important that you use solely social media proxies for Instagram. This fact guarantees that your accounts will be able to connect to the social media platform. Also, by using the right, working proxies you make sure that your accounts will not be asked for phone verification. Nor they will be deleted from the social media platform.

How to use your Instagram accounts

Now, after understanding the need for social media accounts and how you should use them. It is time to start developing your accounts. But the question of how to use your Instagram accounts arises.

Many will consider using the accounts, developed and connected through Instagram proxies, to sell merchandise and other items to their followers.

However, this is not the right and effective approach of using Instagram proxies and multiple accounts. The effective way of using Instagram proxies and multiple accounts is to use them to promote and advertise other objects. Therefore, instead of using these accounts as a selling channel, you will use them as a marketing channel. And all your products will be only advertised and not sold through these accounts.

What sells best on Instagram

You used Instagram proxies to create multiple accounts and connect them to the social media platform. Afterwards, you understood that your accounts are best used as promoting on social media, rather than selling. And the next question is what exactly to start selling on Instagram.

The answer can be easily found by checking your Instagram news feed. You will notice that the only things advertised are games and physical goods. This means that on Instagram, the things that sell best are the above mentioned. So, you can start researching for games and physical, demonstrable goods that you can sell on Instagram.

Decide on a product and promote it through Instagram proxies

After choosing the product or products you think are the perfect fit for selling on Instagram, it is time to actually promote them through your accounts developed and connected through Instagram proxies. And there are two ways in which you can promote these products through multiple accounts.

Use shoutouts

As you have multiple accounts and you connect them through Instagram proxies, the next step is to promote and distribute the news and marketing message of your products to your accounts’ followers. You can achieve this by using shoutouts. This simply means posting a picture of your product on several accounts and specify it where and how you can get the product. And your followers will be able to follow that information to reach your product’s landing page, where they can buy it.

Create your own hashtag

Another, more effective way of promoting your product is to use custom hashtags. For each post that promotes your product, each account connected through Instagram proxies can use the same hashtag to identify your product.

And when your accounts’ followers will click on the hashtag they will basically be sent to the hashtag post aggregator of Instagram. In this way, they will be able to explore your product in depth and be more convinced of placing their order and making the purchase. The custom hashtag creation is important because Instagram doesn’t allow inserting links to posts. And by using a custom hashtag for all your accounts using Instagram proxies, all followers will be sent to the same hashtag page. 

 Thursday, November 16, 2017

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