As it was already mentioned in one of our previous articles, classified ads proxies present a great way for your product to reach local customers and increase your marketing message reach. One of the advantages of classified ads marketing and use of classified ads proxies is that not many business owners and marketers consider using them as a marketing channel. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for you, using classified ads proxies for marketing can lead to increased revenue and brand awareness. In this article, we are going to explore five hidden advantages of using classified ads proxies for marketing.



1. Classified ads proxies increase your reach


This is one of the few things that most marketers and business owners do not understand. Classified ads proxies, when used correctly, increases the reach of your marketing message.


The math is simple, by using one classified ad, you can advertise to a limited number of potential customers. However, if you use classified ads proxies and post several ads from different IPs, your message’s reach increases exponentially. Therefore, if you want your product and marketing message to reach as many potential customers as possible, use classified ads proxies.



2. Classified ads proxies increases your revenue


Again, for this advantage, the math is simple one more time. If by using classified ads proxies, you can reach a larger number of potential customers, the conversion rate could stay the same, but the numbers will increase. Thus, by using private proxies for classified ads you can increase your revenue exponentially.


For example, consider that for each classified ad posted your business generates five leads. And out of these five leads, two end up buying customers. A simple calculation will show that if you use ten classified ads proxies, you will be able to increase ten times the numbers standing behind your conversion rate. And while the conversion rate stays the same, the number of potential customers and subsequently revenue increases tenfold. So, do not do the same mistake as many business owners and ignore the classified ads marketing channel.



3. Good practice for pay-per-click advertising


This is a hidden advantage of using private proxies for classified ads because not many people are aware of it. But, by using proxies and experimenting with multiple ad copies, you improve your skills of developing short, concise ad copy.


Not many consider this, by pay-per-click is nothing more than paid classified ads posted in front of targeted customers.


And the same, a three line ad copy can be used in any pay-per-click campaigns that you decide to promote and develop later on. The ad copy you develop by using private proxies and multiple classified ads proxies will help you improve the conversion rate of any pay-per-click campaigns.



4. Hidden SEO returns


Take note of the title of this advantage. It is SEO returns. Not SEO rankings, so do not expect classified ads to improve your SEO ranking.


Classified ads websites do not allow posting links in the ad copy. However, you can increase and improve your SEO returns because a classified ads website usually ranks for the same keywords are regular websites or blogs do.


And even if they will not point straight to your business’ website, an ad copy improves SEO. It does so in a hidden way. By advertising your business’ name and brand it simply limits the number of available SERP results for other businesses. In other words, it creates a monopoly in SERP for your business.


If on the first ten results on Google result page, two are occupied by your classified ads posted through classified ads proxies. And another search result is your website, you can say with certainty that classified ads copy limited the number of places on the first page that can be used by your competition.



5. Classified ads proxies increase marketing awareness and lead generation


Similar to fourth place on our list, classified ads proxies help you increase your brand’s marketing awareness because your message will be displayed more times in front of many more eyeballs. Thus, more people will be aware of your business and marketing awareness.


Another great advantage of classified ads proxies is that it increases the lead generation capabilities of your marketing department. And once a neutral viewer becomes a lead, it increases the chances of becoming a paying customer. So, do not ignore classified ads as a marketing channel. And start using classified ads proxies as soon as possible to be able to develop a marketing strategy and dominate this channel.

 Saturday, November 11, 2017

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