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How to change your IP address with proxies

Changing your IP address and hiding your online location is an easy task.
All you have to do is to set your browser or app to channel its Internet traffic through a proxy server.

Mozilla Firefox Proxy Connection Settings - IPLease.ioMozilla Firefox Connection Settings - Setting a Proxy

The proxy service will divert your traffic and make your connection anonymous by simply placing your Internet requests in another location. By using a proxy server, your traffic is first sent to the proxy server and then is sent to the website or Internet server for which you made your initial request. In simple terms, a proxy server acts and connect to the Internet on your behalf.

Using a proxy server brings many advantages, such as:

  • 1. A proxy will hide your real location
  • 2. A proxy offers anonymity and protects your online privacy
  • 3. A proxy, or proxies, allows you to change your virtual location, so you can browse as if being located in different places around the world.

IPLease.io World Private Proxy Map

What is an IP address ?

Think of an IP address as the phone number version for every device connected to the Internet. An Internet Protocol address is unique and is assigned to every device that uses the Internet (printers, smartphones, laptops, servers, tablets).

Currently, there are two versions of IP, the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Regardless of the version used, both of them have two main tasks. To identify a device connected to the Internet and to locate it.

Why there are two IP versions? The IPv4, with its format 32 bits is a finite resource and is expected that all IPv4 will be allocated in the near future, making it impossible for other devices to receive an IP. Therefore, in the 1990s, IP version 6 was developed to mitigate this risk by using 128 bits, resulting in billions and trillions of available IP address. And making almost impossible to use up the whole range.

IPv4 and IPv6 Difference - IPLease.io

Why do I need an IP address ?

As in the case of cellphones, when using the Internet you need an address to identify your device. This address is used by other addresses (of other users or webservers) to send information and content through the Internet.

An IP address basically allows two devices to identify each other and communicate over the Internet. When you want to access a website, your device sends a request to identify the website’s IP address, finds it and opens a communication channel to exchange information.

What is a proxy server ?

In IP terms, a proxy server will identify your real IP, receive information from your device and pass it on the web server or to other devices connected to the Internet.

How Proxy Servers are Working - IPLease.ioHow are private proxy servers working

In this way, your browsing and personal information is hidden and protected by the proxy server because all the requests sent by your device will be identified as the proxy’s. And the website or app you are accessing will not identify you as the sender of these requests.

How many types of proxy servers exist ?

If you look online today, you will find several proxy types, the main difference is that there are public and private proxy servers.

Public proxy servers are servers that anybody can access and use to channel their traffic. They are free and they present a risk to anybody connecting through them. The issue lies in the fact that these servers are maintained by unknown entities. And if you divert your traffic through them, it means that the server administrator can sniff both your traffic and the information passing through it.

On the other hand, private proxies are secure and safe to use. They are called private because they are sold by proxy providers. And this fact makes them responsible and accountable to protect the proxy server and its users.

Researching further the private proxy market, you will notice that some providers sell proxy several types of proxies. These types are semi-dedicated proxies, dedicated ones and special use proxies. A few words about each proxy type. Semi-dedicated or shared proxies are private proxies used by two or more users at the same time. Whereas dedicated proxies are private proxies used by only one user. And finally, special use proxies, such as social media proxies and classified ads proxies are virgin private proxies guaranteed to work with a certain website.

What your IP address can reveal about yourself ?

There are several things that an IP address can reveal about yourself.
The main information types disclose by an IP address are:

  • Country
  • State, Area
  • City
  • Area of the city
  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If you connect to a website from your real IP, with the first connection established, the webmaster behind the server can locate you within seconds. And because your location and ISP are disclosed through the IP you are using, you can easily be identified.

With all the information disclosed through your IP address, websites, marketers and advertisers can target your browsing history and gather a tremendous amount of data about yourself and your digital behavior.

The information gathered about yourself through your IP becomes a real problem when you want to stay anonymous and private. This is an ever-increasing issue. However, you can become anonymous and disclose almost no information about yourself by using private proxies.

When channeling your traffic through a private proxy server, the websites and apps to which you connect will not receive any requests or information from you. They will only receive the information sent by the proxy server and its IP. Thus, when connecting to a website, the website will see the private proxy’s IP, location and ISP. Thus, it will not identify that connection and information exchange as coming from you. And if websites can’t identify your connection, they can't gather data about you. Thus, your connection to the Internet, through the proxy server will be anonymous and private.

Using IPLease private proxies for anonymous Internet browsing

IPLease.io offers private proxies, both shared and dedicated ones for all your digital needs. All IPLease’s proxies are highly anonymous and allow you to connect to the Internet and at the same time maintain your privacy.

Moreover, should you need private proxies to connect to certain online services, you can choose between special-use proxy packages such as social media proxies, classified ads proxies or gaming proxies.

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